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SPEP Scholarship Program for Aspiring Engineers


Some good news in the year of Covid-19. Sierra Pacific Engineering & Products launched an annual Scholarship Program for Aspiring Engineers. We have partnered with two local high schools, St. John Bosco of Bellflower and St. Joseph of Lakewood, both of whom serve a diverse population and offer outstanding academic and extracurricular opportunities.

We would like to thank Dana Windes and Amy Krisch for their help in supporting this effort.

We wish these outstanding young men and women the best of luck in college and their careers!


Jonathan Ayala Hannah Emerson Marshal Frodge Hannah Sanchez
Jonathan Ayala
Hannah Emerson
Marshal Frodge
Hannah Sanchez
Chapman University
Cornell University

Learn more about this scholarship program and how to apply in coming years by contacting SPEP or by inquiring with participating high schools.

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