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A Well Earned Retirement

Retiree Paul | A Well-Earned Retirement | SPEP an ESOP Company

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Company News

As a 100% Employee Owned Company, Sierra Pacific holds an annual shareholders meeting. This year’s meeting was a combination of on-site and virtual. The highlight of the meeting was honoring our most recent retiree, Paul, and virtually presenting him with an over-sized million-dollar check. Dave Mochalski, CEO, chronicled the many contributions Paul made over the course of his 11-year career with Sierra Pacific. And suffice it to say, Paul sold quite a few latches, hinges, handles, D rings, quarter turns and all kinds of other widgets.  From Dave,

“Paul was the ultimate road warrior, tirelessly supporting his customers. This check for over $1.1 million dollars demonstrates the power of employee ownership and is well deserved.”

Paul had the following to share:

“When I first started at Sierra Pacific, I didn’t realize how great being an employee owner would be. The whole company is motivated to take care of the customer because everyone shares in its success. The yearly profit sharing, the 401K matching and the company stock has really helped my family and me. The first year I thought the stock was a nice amount. The second year it doubled. The third year it doubled again, until eventually it was over a $1,000,000 when I retired.”

Thank you Paul from everyone here at Sierra Pacific for all of your hard work and dedication, enjoy retirement! Learn more about Sierra Pacific and consider joining our team to become our next employee-owner.


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